We believe Takamaka whole kernal unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil to be the rarest virgin coconut oil in the world. Our coconuts are born on the tiny exotic Indian Ocean island of Praslin in the Seychelles, known locally as the original “Garden of Eden”

Our coconuts wait until they are perfectly ripe, bursting with goodness & full of flavour before leaping safely out of their trees and into the loving arms of our small family of coconutologists

Why Takamaka?

“The Takamaka tree grows hand in hand with the coconut palms of the Seychelles, like best friends. Symbolically, I feel our brand has a responsibility to nurture our centuries-old relationship with the coconut palm, and help preserve the delicate environment within which it exists”.

“My family have been using coconut oil in the Seychelles for generations, to now be able to share the amazing health benefits of this special fruit is a dream come true”

“Our ‘coconutologists’ are passionate about creating the freshest tasting coconut oil on earth, with love from the luminous white beaches and azure ocean’s of these beautiful, tranquil islands”.

Jon Denoris,
Takamaka Coconut Oil.